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i'm kate loewen, live on campus. with more military veterans expected to become sjsu students, what will the school do to accommodate their needs? i've got more on the story next a san jose state school has a problem. what to do with millions of dollars... overstressed? it may be harming your body more than you think. we'll tell you what you can do about it.
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hello and welcome to update news... im carla jimenez. and i'm ashley cunha... thanks for joining us. at the state of the union speech this week, president obama announced all u-s troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of next year. and with veterans coming back, kate loewen looks more at what san jose state has to offer. you may have seen flyers around campus about a petition for a central meeting place in the new student union for veterans. i learned more about their resources in comparision to other csu's. "for san jose state student military veterans like jon paul, adjusting to civilian life is proving to be difficult. jon paulw when i went into the military, i thought i knew everything about the world. seeing combat, seeing the things that i've seen, and having my friends hurt the way they were totally changed my life outlook. jon paul is a marine combat veteran who served in several deployments to iraq. he's found as a student at sjsu that gaining access to
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resources offered, he must go to several different places across campus. he feels that the current situation for sjsu veterans is disappointing. jon pauli i think that we've been deprioritized, i guess. they've put us on the back burner. i don't know if its politically they don't think we should be a priority, or because they don't know or don't care. damian-sjsu designated veteran contacty you'd have to go to about ten different offices depending on whatever the issue is, you could have one problem but you'd need to talk to four or five different people. history professor jonathan roth has lobbied the a-s board of directors and the sjsu administration advocating for a space in the new student union. johnathan rothp president quyaomi has said that he wants the most veteran friendly campus in the csu. the fact is that many csus now have a veterans center. san francisco state has a veterans center. we are fast becoming the least veteran friendly campus in the csu just by virtue of not having a veteran's resource center. sjsu administration says that there are about 300 veterans on campus, but veteran advocates say surveys show there could be more than 600, which would represent two percent of the
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student population. pat harrisw we're trying very hard to increase and broaden services over time, but like everything else this is going to evolve and we're going to take some time to figure out how best to move ahead." no decisions have been made yet about any additional veteran accommodations. kate loewen, update news. san jose state's school of journalism and mass communication is discussing how to use a generous gift from a couple who owned the print shop that published the spartan daily newspaper for over 30 years. update news got a closer look to see how the money will be used. "the donation came from the late jack and emma anderson... a san jose couple who ran globe printing and worked hands on with san jose state journalism students for decades.
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the university says the couple wished for this money to be put toward equipment improvement to keep pace with new innovations in technology. bob rucker: "it's very rare for a journalism program to receive this amount of money. it showcases the amount of trust and support and interest that someone , on in the case of two people, jack and emma anderson had in our program. that's unique." two-point-three million dollars of the fund is available to the school of journalism....and six-point-four million dollars goes into an endowment. lane jimison is with the university's tower foundation which will manage the endowment. lane jimison: "an endowment is an account in which you put money in which you will never touch the principle of it. so it's invested, and the interest then will be for the school of journalism for ever and ever. so you will alway have money in your principle endowment account and every year you can count of a certain amount of interest every year." department chair... bob rucker... also says journalism students have much to look forward to in learning the new technology in the coming years.
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bob rucker: "technology is fantastic and we love it, but this was made possible through friendships. personal contact with people, handshakes, and a belief in students and a program that can do wonderful things."" thanks to the couple's kindness... students and staff within the department are anticipating the updated technology to prepare them for the high-tech world ahead. some call it art...but for a college campus graffiti is a more urgent matter. if you take a good look at the sjsu campus you may notice the lack of graffiti and the tagging compared to the surrounding downtown area. sergeant john laws with the university police department says that is because on-campus tagging is taken very seriously and dealt with in a timely manner...often painted over within 24 hours of investigation. "when you have your own police department we're able to prioritize those sorts of things. the city of san jose doesn't have the resources to prioritize tagging, but the university police does.
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it's important to our entire academic environment. so we work hard not only making sure the campus is safe for you but that is appears safe as well." if you spot graffiti or tagging on the university police immediately to keep our campus looking its best. future s-j-s-u students with autism may have a chance for a typical college career. tracy hinson says a new blood test may be the key. "these are children with autism in group therapy at the center for speech, language occupational therapy in los altos. most of the children are 2 to 3 years old, but synapdx, a massachusets trial lab, is now developing a blood test for even earlier detection of autism. kristina elliott "early intervention again targets the skills that are necessary for success later on and building those foundational skills for their communication and their social skills." cindy marota, director of the san jose state disability resource center says autism therapy at a young age can be instrumental in collegiate
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success. cindy marota "the students who have been able to have that early intervention when they were younger are able to adjust much easier to this big campus life." special education department chair, christine hagie, says most collegiate students on the autism spectrum have aspbergers, a highly functioning form of autism. for them the typical classroom enviroment can be challenging. christine hagie "the difficult part about class would be if there are a lot of bright lights if there is a lot of noise. i know in our building we hear drilling it seems like all the time and i think someone with aspergers would have a hard time." college can be daunting for the 50 registered s-j-s-u students with autism, but the disability resource center is there to help. cindy marota "the drc has our own center for accessible technology where the students can go and work privately and feel secure and comfortable there."
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the center for disease control says one in 88 children have autism. synapdx thinks the new blood test could prove to be a cheap and easy solution to get children the services they need. for update news, i'm tracy hinson." college students can lead stressfull lives. monday reynolds says there are ways to cope. "journalism senior james simpson says he always feels under the gun... juggling work and school. (sot) james simpson / journalism major "it's "it's always on going there's something to do something to be done whether its homework getting to a class back to work something like that. always something." health expert say many of today students are not traditional. they have to juggle school work, jobs, loans and family obligations. and sometimes the body exhibits these stresses. (sot) amor santiago/ sjsu public health professor " "there is a system in our nervous system called the autonomic nervous system and a lot of folks know about
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flight or fight if we're threaten then our body has a certain set of responses to get ready for that threat." doctor santiago says that if the body is not balanced when hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released... aches and pains anxiety heart disease and weight gain can result.( (sot) simpson"th "there are things that i'm not doing that would probably help a lot. something more traditional than just i'm gonna go out to eat or just drink. i'm gonna take up alcohol no i'm sure there are a lot more traditional things that are helpful." (standup bridge)d dr santiago recommends ditching the sugary snacks and energy drinks and opt for a healthier diet and lifestyle. some yoga and mediation to relax or even seek counseling. gail clemente teaches yoga in san jose.(sot) gai (sot) gail clemente/dahn yoga" " when you are sitting and trying to study do not hunch over keep you spine straight and you shoulders neutral and try to keep as much as your shoulders down." then there is the counseling services offered on campus (sot) veronica hand/ counseling servicesstu
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students are going through a lot in their life whether if its working two jobs family problems difficulty in relationships and we're here basically to listen to them and help them strategizes to be academically successful. health experts say if students dont learn to cope with stress both physically and mentally chronic diseases can result. in san jose monday reynolds update news." san jose state has a new support group on campus. student parents empowered academically kinship or "speak". the group supports students with children. "speak" provides encouragement and resources that will give student parents the opportunity to increase their retention rate and graduate on time. and advocate that faculty has to be more understanding. "elisha st. laurent/ speak president faculty here dont understand that even thought they are parents where is
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they'll be like you can meet with this group. no i cant. i have my child he has soccer practice or whatever it may be. you have to take into consideration i have other obligations besides college." "speaks" agenda tackles concerns of student parents such as baby changing stations, study groups that welcome children and campus family fun days. "speak's" first goal is scholarship opportunities. children and spouses are welcomed at meetings. "speak" meets tuesdays at noon in the guadalupe room in the student union. the annual campus security and fire safety report is out with the latest statistics on crime on campus through 2011. here is a summary of the report. "the security and fire safety report booklet is a guide to students, faculty, and staff's safety. if students pick up the handbook, they will see the number of robberies in 2011 down to just two, compared to six from the year before. yet the number of aggraviated assaults over the same period jumped from two to 13. so the booklet "students right to know"f
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features preventative tips in case of an assault, fire hazard, or an earthquake. the booklets can found in all buildings on campus, or can be picked up at parking services next to the 7th street garage. u-p-d sergeant john laws says while recent california budget cuts have affected the department, officers are still doing pro-active work, fighting crime and patrolling. john laws: we do ask that you review it so that you know what is going around on campus, around you and that your aware of what resources and procedures are available to you in case your are the victim of crime or any other incident. some students say that they are prepared to take matters into their own hands, by never walking in the dark alone. i do feel safe being on campus. however, i make sure that i'm aware of my surroundings at all times and that i always carry pepper spray with me." sergeant laws also says u-p-d is aware of the recent tragedies at other schools, and has been trained in case
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of any emergency. using the spirit of valentine's day to promote healthy sexual awareness, a new organization on campus known as choice usa makes its cause known. members of this organization rally for the passage of the real education for healthy youth act. the act aims to raise national standards for sex education in schools. the organization passed out free condoms and informational flyers around campus to promote safe sex. ""pretty much just to improve health education you know in our schools and we're calling our representatives and senators to let them know that we're aware, making awareness so that this bill can pass."" choice usa also promotes "reproductive justice" which reassures accessibility to birth control, abortion facilities and other such resources. coming up on update news some san jose state students are reinventing the wheel. there's a birthday party for something that has been a part of san jose state history for half a century.
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but first we asked students who their favorite president was and why. "i don't really have a favorite but if i had to pick one it would probably be obama. just cause he is trying to influence all the change for the younger generation. my favorite president would probably be bill clinton because he was the last president to give us a capital income rather than a deficit. my favorite president would probably be zachary taylor because not many people know about him. i think so far i don't have a favorite president. i don't feel too educated with politics yet so you know, as a college student i feel like i should say obama. i just recently watched the lincoln movie so i would have to say lincoln is my favorite president because all he did was free the slaves and everything."
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valentine's day is a day of love and on campus it was also a day to show support. at the event center plaza there was a dance-a-thon to protest violence against women. the event was part of a nationwide movement called one billion rising, and it happened not only in san jose but across the globe. "yanyin choy, battered women activist; this event is important because the violence against women is a local and global epidemic. i hope that people regardless of their gender will continue to be apart of the movement to end violence." the dance-a-thon also raised money for charities in support of survivors of abuse and also tickets to the vagina monologues starting next week. a group of san jose state graduate students is literally re-inventing the wheel. their work could revolutionize the way people travel. "it's called the spherical drive electrical bike capable of self balancing as well as maneuvering in any direction at slow speeds.
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graduate engineering students, max ratner, henry li and andrew parmar came up with the idea two years ago as their year long senior class project. "so when coming up with ideas for this bike, we initially knew we wanted to do something that was outside the box, we didnt want to do like a typical senior project...this was our senior project." instead of a conventional wheel...the bike uses spheres enabling it to both roll and spin at the same time. the vehicle has truly omni direction maneuverability. "the biggest problem was funding. to get the bike to where it is now, we had to raise about $60,000 dollars worth of goods and services as well as cash." the team created a facebook page and website and sought funding at career faiers and technology conferences.
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the sfk group, mass precision inc and wolfe engineering inc came forward to sponsor the project. "initially we wanna just get this thing done, but uh in the future, we would like to see vehicles like these on the road, but we know theres a lot of challenges that we have to go through in order to get there."" students interested in joining the team can contact them through their facebook page titled spherical drive system. and for the arts and entertainment we turn our attention to liz olveda. liz what's going on? for 50 years, music has been broadcast from the san jose state campus. jessica melcher reports on the birthday celebration of k-s-j-s. "nat sound: happy birthday
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ksjs ground zero radio celebrated its 50th birthday this week. nat sound: radio music playing 90.5 ksjs was founded in 1963 by an sjsu professor who wanted to give students hands-on experience with broadcast radio. since then, students have been able to try out all aspects of radio, expand their musical knowledge, and learn from their mistakes along the way. "i'm really interested in music on my own, so working with the station kind of fit exactly with what i wanted to do. so i kept at it and the next semester i got a show and i kept at it again and the next semester after that i became assistant manager of the urban department so if the 50 years were anything like this year and a half then it's something to be really proud of." "and this is where all the magic happens, right here in the on-air studio. ksjs is the 24/7 student-operated radio station that has opened up a world of opportunities for people over the years." "well i've gained experience with managing people because i started off as just somebody who just went to the jazz meetings, then i became the assistant, and now i'm the manager of jazz. and i have lots of correspondence within the record industry and i'm very closely tied with san jose jazz and the blues festival."
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in addition to the incredible experience, many student disk jockeys just have a lot of fun going on the air during their show. ksjs listeners know rob asche as "good dog." "i was just thinking about valentines day and how last year i spent valentines day with my ex... box 360. ha. yeah. so, uh, this--tomorrow--i was thinking i was gonna spend valentines day with, uh, with my honey... flavored jack daniels. ha. yeah so that's my plan for valentines day so happy valentines day to all y'all out there!" there are about one hundred people who take the ksjs class and next semester it will start new all over again. in san jose, this is jessica melcher, update news." love was in the air as ignite, a campus ministry, held its first lovefest this week. saushe young has the story. "nat sound: music religious music and love songs heart shaped ballons roses it was all part of lovefest, a campus event put on by ignite at sjsu, a nondominational campus ministry. the event, which was held on the associated students law, featured music, food, and games, as well as
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information about other clubs on campus.i in time for valentines day, we wanted to share god's love with people and just spread the gospel." students were able to buy food from the booths, as well as make valentines day cards and purchase items such as t-shirts and music from performers. ignite is based out of san jose's river life christian church. the campus club was formed a year ago. ignite member, danny phan, says the events main focus was not religion, but about different forms of love. "we feel valentines day has really been cheapened. love is kind of superficial but we're here to spread positivity and a different kind of love." performer saylah, hopes those viewing and passing by the event received his, as well as ignites message about love. " "just by showing them no matter what, they don't need to do anything. god loves them. we love them. i want to stand for something. i felt it had a great purpose." young hopes that those who came to the event received the organizations message. "i just pray for encounters today. as we play music, as we have different performers go up and speakers, people would have opened their ears to hear." standup - students who want more information about ignite can go to their website at live on campus this is saushe young, update news."
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many people are no doubt still caught up in the afterglow of valentines day, and here on campus students were able to express their affection for the people they care about... the associated students hosted a celebration of love called cupid's arch... students ere able to win prizes by liking the associated students' facebook page and spinning what they called "the wheel of love"... and students were supplied with materials to make valentines cards to post on the arch for their loved ones to find... ""we have a programming board in associated students and we always hold these events like monthly or every time, or every few weeks or so and so this is one of our events that we wanted to celebrate..."" people can learn more about associated students hosted events on its facebook page... and that's all that is happening in arts and entertainment. back to you. still ahead spring is here and baseball is back. how will the spartans fare this
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season? andthe first year football coach has a tough challenge ahead. how to continue the spartans winning ways after their best season ever. but first we asked students who their favorite nba player of all time is and why. "my favorite nba player would have to be michael jordan. grew up watching chicago bulls. he has won many championships and many players are trying to surpass him but i think it's very difficult to do something, what he actually accomplished. stephen curry. i'm not really a fan of the nba to be honest but i guess i'll say kobe bryant just cause he is cocky i guess. he is confident. i would have to say the all time favorite for everyone michael jordan. just because he is michael jordan, who doesn't love him. he is so inspirational. my favorite basketball player is kobe bryant.
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my favorite basketball player will be isaiah thomas just because i'm from detroit, michigan and he helped us win two championships. 89 and 90." and now that we are back it's time to go to victor to find out what is happening in sports. what's new victor? thanks carla the spartan football season is still seven months away and reporter ryan silapan takes a look at new head coach ron caragher. "based on his coaching record the first-year san jose state head football coach has has filled big shoes before. he took over successful programs left behind by current 49ers head coach jim harbaugh at the university of san diego... and now he takes over at sjsu for mike macintyre who led the spartans to its greatest season in 50 years. having been in this thing for a long time, having been part of a rebuilding a program, having been part of a succesful program in my past i think first and foremost character is of utmost importance because you need young men that are
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trustworthy and accountable both on and off the field. caragher is a south bay local. he was a standout three-sport athlete at san jose's bellarmine college prep. last year he was inducted into the schools athletic hall of fame pat arnold/bellarmine teammateyou you look at ron he was what you epitomized a bellarmine football player. he was that kind of guy he was the epitome of a quarterback. physically he was imposing, he was tall and athletic. it's exciting for me it's a homecoming coming back. so many people have been welcoming and embracing coming back home to the bay area. caragher now with his staff complete and his 20 new san jose state committed players signed caragher says he cannot wait for the upcoming spring practice.i i just feel so much support and so many people are cheering fur us and for the program and its great to be apart of it. ryan silapan/at san jose statecar
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caragher and the san jose state spartans will officially begin spring practice on february 19 reporting from san jose ryan silapan update news." the spartan ice hockey team ended its final home game of the regular season with a thrilling 5-4 overtime victory against the santa rosa junior college bear cubs. ian seidl made the game-tying goal with an assist from mason console in the last few seconds of the final period. sam cimino ended it all in overtime with his 4th goal of the game, leaving the spartans with and overall record of 23 wins, 7 losses, and 2 ties. "mason console/sjsu hockey the team got a couple lucky passes and we came back and won it so it was just as i imagined it. second semester, really good. we had a couple hiccups in the first semester but we picked it up and are ready for national." saturday the fifth seeded spartans take on the eighth seeded san diego state aztecs in their first round of the 2013 a-c-h-a regionals. the tournament will take place in salt lake
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city and if the spartans come out victorious, they'll be on their way to nationals. it's spring and for many sports fans that is a sign that baseball is back and the san jose state season is well underway. "(nat sound crack of the bat) in baseball, spring brings hope and renewal. for the spartans, it's a chance to forget about what happened last season. tim quiery; mass communications senior/outfielder. " "uh obviously we're very very excited y'know uh. coming back from a little bit of a down year, y'know, we have a new coach and--um--everyone's working pretty hard. the new coach is dave nakama, who is a former associate coach of the university of washington. he has a total of twenty years as a baseball coach, including ten years at stanford. dave nakama, sjsu baseball head coach i'm really trying to focus on the process of the game and i'm trying to keep the kids away from thinking of just outcomes. "i think what we're gonna do is we're gonna kinda be a little more aggressive then gamble a little bit more and try to steal a base or create some pressure by the hit and run. รบ senior starting pitcher david russo is returning this season. the monterey native posted a 3-point-nine-seven earned run average in 59 innings with 41 strikeouts. david russo, sjsu baseball
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pitcher; " "everyone always has something to improve on i'd say for me it'd just be uh, just staying more composed on the mound not letting adverse situations affect me out there. coach nakama wouldn't say which of his players is the team stand-out. dave nakama: " "it's hard to pick out one kid, uh-uh i tell everybody who asks me how things are going at san jose state, i-y'know-every player has been exceptional, they practive well, they're well behaved. we couldn't ask for a better group of players. the fifty-four game season is set and the spartans are looking to improve on their twenty-two and twenty-nine record from last year." although the spartans are still on a roadtripyou can still support them when they play university of san francisco february 26th. and thats all i have for sports back to you ladies.
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that'll do it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' see you again next week.
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